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Generally, most people share the feeling that vegan recipes are bland and boring with a capital B.The only limit to your meals is your imagination, preconceived notion of what a vegan meal is and limited access to ingredients. In fact, the longer you eat vegan food, the more your palate opens up and you can appreciate the fresh flavours of nature. What needs to change is the approach to veganism. You need to stop thinking of veganism as a weight loss plan, instead, adopt it as a lifestyle.

Am sure that you will agree with me that these Maggi veggie recipes are just the opposite of boring-

1)Eggplant topped with Garlic Yogurt

This Mediterranean dish is a classic health dish. Once after the eggplants are fried you can top it with pomegranates or cheese as you wish for that extra zesty flavour.

2)Mini Veggies Quiches

Bite-sized snacks filled with colourful chunky vegetables and full of flavour. A quick recipe to cook for family and friends. At least in bite sizes, the kids will consume some veggies. They make for a healthy noonday snack. Even after it is cold it tastes nice.

3)Scalloped Potato Gratin

Potatoes cooked in cream. The texture itself is mind-blowing. With grated yellow cheese, it is a milky base and a crunchy cheese topping. You will have your little ones ask for more.

4)Herb Gnocchi with Tomato Salsa

Made with baked potatoes and flour, this dish packs a punch. The salsa is the soul of this dish, with vegetable bouillon added for that extra taste.

5)Fusilli with Broccoli and spicy breadcrumbs

Ah, who doesn't love pasta? In fact, most kids will say a big yes to get their hands on pasta. The best thing about this dish is that you can add in whatever your pantry closet holds. A few chilli flakes, a dash of olive oil and oregano and you have the invigorating smell coming up.

Thankfully these days veggie recipes have advanced. Gone are the days when vegan food was not so the in-thing. With so many mouthwatering recipes, you can make sure that vegan is here to stay.

Have a healthy and scrumptious meal!!

There is countless number of people can't consume dairy products. However, there is a difference between being allergic and being lactose intolerant to dairy products. Having a milk allergy our body's immune system reacts abnormally to a specific protein found in milk and releases antibodies against these proteins, the antibodies cause the body to produce an allergic reaction. While in lactose intolerant, when a person drinks milk or eat any dairy product our body don't have the enzyme that can break up lactose into energy and there is no treatment for this. The best way is to remove the intake of dairy products from the diet.

But some foods and desserts are so delicious that leaving is them is almost impossible just like chocolates and ice cream that can make anybody weak in the knees. If you love ice cream so much, then here are the solution for your craving. Vegan ice cream is a popularly growing category of foods that are dairy free and continuously drawing the attention the health gurus, people with lactose intolerance with a sweet tooth and even people who don't want to use products made with animals' parts.

Vegan ice cream is very healthy because of the absence of dairy products laden with sugar and preservatives that can suffice to make you fat with tons of calories and unhealthy substances. But if you are vegan and consume only vegan products, you not only consume natural, but also pure free from chemical products. Vegan people avoid all products made from animal parts such as milk, meat, honey, poultry, butter, cheese and ice creams too.

But with the approach of vegan ice cream even people with lactose intolerance can enjoy scoops of ice creams with friends and family. You can enjoy this frozen dessert, made with coconut milk, as you used to be. Even finding these ice creams is very easy, you just need to go to the nearby supermarket or your local health store. There you will find separate shelves laden with vegan products to make your search easy.

If you want, you can prepare this dessert at home all by yourself with the recipes on the internet or in cookbooks and can surprise your friends and family members with your masterpiece. It will healthiest and you will feel content as you are giving your family a healthy choice and promoting the benefits of being vegan.

Understanding the need of vegan people, now many ice cream companies introducing a vegan version of ice creams so that you don't have to sacrifice your favorite desserts like cookies and vegan ice cream. As stated above, you can make them at home easily as the ingredients are natural and easily available in the market or if you wish you can buy directly from the market as you can find them more delicious as made with dairy products.

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